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Wha are we?

We're your wedding masterminds.

We are a couple of gals with a passion for creativity and a flair for bespoke floral. Friends for years (Brittney did Haylie’s hair for high school dances!), the two of us have been forever destined to work together.  We each discovered our passion for floral design while holding down previous jobs.  Time and fate conspired, and in early 2018, we joined forces.  With Brittney’s knack for organization, efficiency, and clear communication, and Haylie’s broad vision for events along with styling talents, the two of us are an inseparable team.  We are thrilled and so very fortunate to be partnering together and can’t wait to work with you!

Brittney from Willow Design LG

oh, hey!

I'm Brittney

I’m the owner and designer behind Willow Design. I’ve been collaborating on spaces for the past twelve years, ranging anywhere from working with homeowners on room décor and event planning, all the way to assisting retailers with fashion merchandising. Out of all of these experiences, floral design has captured my detail-loving heart.  Thinking outside the box is my superpower, and I’m never afraid to try something new.  My personal style is earthy, natural, and boho with a little bit of flower-child hippie thrown in for good measure.  Whenever suitable, I love to incorporate some of these elements into my designs.

+ Favorite vacay spot?

Hawaii! I’m currently in the throes of planning my dream destination wedding there!

+ Favorite go-to playlist?

Dave Matthews Band—ask me to show you the DMB tattoo!

+ Cats or dogs?

Cats — I have two cat kiddos, Norris and Kailua (a nod to my adored Aloha State)


hello there!

I'm Haylie

After three years of dabbling in other assorted majors, I’ve found my true passion in horticulture and am currently pursuing a degree at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, WI.  Now that I spend every day studying what I love and working alongside Brittney—my friend and mentor, I can truly say I'm right where I want to be.  Like Brittney, natural, wild, organic textures are my jam.  It’s pretty incredible that not only do our strengths complement each other, but our styles and preferences are also aligned!

+ Favorite vacay spot?

My heart is out west. Oregon, Washington, Utah and Colorado are my favorite states.

+ Favorite plant?

Ferns! Oh, and also philodendron. Keep your eyes peeled for them in nearly all of my designs!

+ Cats or dogs?

Cats! I’ve got a 50/50 boy/girl split with two girls (Sven and Millie), and two boys (Tom and Larry).

Haylie from Willow Design LG
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